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About Alison Arvaj


It all started when I was pregnant with my first son.


​It was 2013, and I received a hypnobirthing CD as a gift. That CD became a welcome companion during those nine months of uncertainty and discomfort. And I believe it was a huge help when I eventually gave birth.


​My precious son was born in just 2 hours. There was no need for drugs and stitches. I could not believe it; he weighed over 4 kilograms! But I did not have any difficulty. It was a seamless delivery. Everyone congratulated me like I had won a million dollars.


​The nurses even told me when I was about to leave the hospital the next day if I could come back and do a testimonial for other expectant mothers. They said they could benefit from hearing about my experience.


​This experience is what kickstarted my journey – a journey to understanding the world of hypnotherapy. I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself. I had to share it. Others would greatly benefit from being empowered, like I was, to declutter their minds and ease their fears.


​You see, hypnotherapy can help you in many ways:


  • ​Do you have chronic pain?


  • Are you confused about life?


  • Are you unsure about your choices?


  • ​Do you have unexplained fears?


  • ​Do you have habits that keep you from living life completely?


​I studied hypnotherapy at Monash University, becoming a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. As such, I can offer professional advice and guidance that will help you become more receptive to change or therapeutic improvement, all while you are in a relaxed state of mind. It is not about me taking control; it’s about you taking control, and being empowered to make different decisions to create a better life path. <Maybe insert a pic of your qualification certificate here, or something similar, which evidences you’re a true professional in the field>


​For those who appreciate the science: a hypnotised mind undergoes brain changes that lead to focused attention and greater physical and emotional control. It’s a safe practice, demonstrated through my 16+ years of experience as a successful clinical diagnostic medical scientist. For me, I see it as strategy meeting theory.


​Helen Keller beating the odds, Harry Potter defeating Voldemort, and David taking down Goliath. Hypnotherapy can help you thrive like these heroes did. You can conquer your personal obstacles and become the best version of yourself.


* * *


​This journey of mine is dedicated to my late grandfather, who has given me the inspiration to forge ahead. He moved to Australia from politically beset Croatia to open a small church to support migrants. He was a very kind and giving man who trusted in higher powers to help people overcome life's many ups and downs. He firmly believed in the remarkable impact of unconditional love and the liberating effects of opening your heart and mind to new possibilities.

Along my path, I have encountered many other incredible people, including industry leaders who mentored me to become who I am today – a strategic hypnotherapist who understands that people are not robots. Indeed, we are all individual emotional beings driven by our unconscious minds.


I hope you’ll trust in me to be your guide to your soul's healing, thus empowering you to transform the course of your life.

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