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60 thousand thoughts

We have something like 60 thousand thoughts a day, you cannot respond to every one of them, even now you are picking and choosing which one to pay attention to, this blog has caught your interest and you have chosen to continue reading. You have chosen to focus your attention to this article, and move away from your thoughts and feelings. This is a simple mechanism to change what you were you paying attention to and which are you not.

There are some thoughts you have in a day, that do not honor you as a human begin, you make a judgement in your head when you think of something very untoward. But the difference between you and someone that is in jail is that you don’t act on them. Even if you don’t act on them you still have them. Its how much you act on it or how much you ignore it, and how well you do that. If you don’t have a mechanism that says leave it, then you are in trouble, leading to sleepless nights and a head full of worry.

If you think about all the clouds that can pass over in the sky in a day, you can choose to focus on one, and that one can shift and move and with your imagination, it can become a completely different image from what you first start at. And sometimes you can find yourself being carried away with this image and then you can find yourself with your head actually in the clouds, and all these thoughts and images are causing anxiety, confusion and overwhelm.

What if you had a way to change how you look at these thoughts, pick the clouds that will help you and not hinder you, because you are the one focusing on that one cloud, you are running that program. What if you could find a way to focus on something more stable, like that tree on the horizon, and even though you might feel like a storm is brewing up above, and even if the rain starts to fall and there is a storm moving overhead, you can focused and strong like that tree, rooted in the ground, and also be able to move and sway in the eye of the storm, knowing that eventually it will pass, and the sunshine will come back once more.

You see, most people have poor impulse control, and can find themselves getting carried away with thoughts that don’t serve them. Find a solution to the worry and become aware, because awareness is a protection risk. Fear doesn’t protect you, awareness does, and that is knowing what thoughts to focus on and what ones to delete or ignore.

Message now to book a strategic hypnotherapy session and learn how to focus on the thoughts that will move you forward in life, and not leave you worried, fearful full of anxiety. You are much, much more than you think you are, and you are much, much more of that again.

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