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Does It Seem You Are Reliving The Same Nightmare Over And Over?

Constant flashbacks, hallucinations, and nightmares of a traumatic incident can leave you mental exhausted and affect your normal day to day functioning. Left unchecked, it can lead to unwanted addictions and can even lead to depression.

Not knowing what to do and how to fix it can be even more debilitating. There’s not “something wrong” with you, it’s just about how your brain has been trying to cope with the situation you find yourself in.

These intense, vivid and often disturbing memories of the past traumatic events are a way of the brain coping through it, but they leave the person feeling a sense of fear, helplessness, or even horror. If the mind can create a coping mechanism, then there is a recovery mechanism too, you just don’t know how to do it on your own. Logically you might be able to say that this not happening right now, it is in the past, but the mind doesn’t know how to accept that and allow that calm to come over you.

How to help? Stay calm and composed by taking 5 long deep breaths, and start to take some action to ground yourself in the present by describing your surroundings or engaging in activities that use your five senses by touching a soft object or listening to soothing sounds. Be empathetic to this experience and avoid being judgmental or dismissive, as that can lead to more triggering events in the future.

If they are becoming more frequent, seek the right professional help to assess your situation and provide appropriate support and treatment. Hypnotherapy alongside with Neuro-Linguistic Programming is fast approach and has remarkable outcomes. It’s not about relieving the experience and talking about the story over and over, it’s a quick and cost effecting, non-addictive and safe alternative to medications for the treatment of these anxiety-based conditions.

Traditional healing takes time, time is money, shorten your healing time with hypnotherapy.

Book a 15-minutes free call today. How long will it take before enough is enough?

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