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Why you do the things that you do.

You can sit in a café and watch life pass you buy, and the individuals walking pass that are smoking know that this habit is very unhealthy for them, even the lingering smell and cost to their back pocket, and yet they continually buy the packets and smoke everyday collecting more tare and terrible health side effects and have less and less money in their bank accounts.

Most people smoking who would absolutely love to stop, and yet every time you look, they’re lighting up another cigarette. Why do we continually to do things that produce results we don’t want? The cause of our problems lies in the patterns that we have learnt from our lives, some well and others a little bit dysfunctional. Something that you have learnt that is not working for you, you have the ability to change, just like changing the radio station when you are listen to a song you don’t like. Sometime a person can go cold turkey and change the habit all by them self’s. Other times there is a deeper reason to get to the root of the problem.

The human imagination is more powerful that the will. How do I know this. Right now, think of your fridge, really think about it, be aware that a picture, its an image in your mind. Now quickly think of the front door of your home, be aware of the image of your front door on your mind, think of a loved one or a pet on the screen of your mind. Now if I asked you to think about your shoelace and asked you how you tie it up, now that might be a little more difficult because the action has become so habitual that the sequence of actions is no longer conscious, and you need to recall it into consciousness to know how you do it. It’s not an easy question to answer when I ask “HOW”, but if I asked why, then you could answer that quiet easily.

The two parts of the mind, the conscious mind is connected to the world around us through our senses, the thinking mind, or the educated mind. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that expresses whatever it is impressed upon it, what you actually do. A habit is an idea that is fixed in a person’s subconscious mind that causes them to do something without any conscious thought, our habitual behaviour. At times, we do things that we don’t want to get results we do not want, but we do it anyway. These patterns in the subconscious mind that controls our actions and behaviour.

Side note, these habits, as powerful as they are, have a tendency to talk you out of doing the very thing that you decide to do. Knowing is not enough to get results, results come from behaviour, and behaviour is caused by the habit, and the habit is the program that is deep in your subconscious.

Smoking caseation in the old hypnotic approach doesn’t have a high success rate because it is too much of a one-size fits all, strategic psychotherapy approach uses the premise that the problem is the problem, and each problem is unique and so be the therapy.

With very little effort on your part, you can utilise this power and multiple your effectiveness of your subconscious mind, you have taken the time to stop and read this, now you can choose to override that old pattern and watch your life transform. Book a personalized strategic hypnotherapy session with me today and be prepared to change your old habit for good!

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