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One day OR day one…. you decide!

Do you, like so many others, feel like the world is overwhelming? Do you ever get the sense that life is spinning out of control and that there’s nothing you can do to stop it?

You’re not alone. Every day you pass people on the street who feel exactly the same way.

However, what if I told you you can take charge of your life and truly start guiding it in the direction you want to go?

All it takes is a little decision-making.

Your mind is a gift…use it!

Your mind is incredible. It’s capable of so many things. It can find ways to make dreams into reality!

Too often people don’t quite appreciate just how powerful their mind really is, they get tangled up in worries and “what if” scenarios.

They think they’re stuck when really, they have everything they need right in front of them: their ability to make decisions.

Two Latin words gave us the verb “decide”:

“De”, off

“Oedere”, cut

When you make a decision, you’re making a statement about what’s important and cutting out everything else.

The fact your mind is capable of doing such an important and amazing task can’t be taken for granted!

Master your decision-making.

The problem most people face when it comes to making decisions is their lack of focus and trust in themselves. In other words, most people are just bad at making decisions.

There’s no shame in being rusty at decision-making! You’ve probably felt torn between staying at a job or quitting in search of something better, saying something or keeping to yourself, breaking up with a partner or sticking it out.

You weigh pros and cons that are supposed to help you focus on what’s important but can often send you in vicious circles.

In those cases, figuring out what you truly want can feel impossible!

Invest in yourself.

The easiest way to become a decision-making master is to fully accept that every decision you make is an investment in yourself.

You have an idea of who you want to be and the life you want to live.

You might want to be an artist, or have a big family, or you might want to be a world traveler. Or countless other things!

Well, every decision you make has the opportunity to bring you closer to that dream life you want.

Not every decision you make will be the “right” one. However, when you make a choice from the mindset that you’re striving to be the person you feel in your soul you want to be, there’s no such thing as a “wrong” choice.

One step at a time.

As with everything, it takes practice to become proficient in sound decision-making. However, you can’t let practice and a fear of failure keep you from starting.

Your mind and body will thank you for beginning that journey today.

Your dream life is within grasp, now reach out for it!

Photo supplied by Sheridan Song

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